If you’re thinking about purchasing a vending machine, there are some key questions you’ll need to ask to make the right decision for you and your business.

You’ll need to choose a budget, location, the type of machine, and think about how it will be used day today.

So, when you’re purchasing a vending machine, you need to ask…


What’s the best location for it?

Your chances of making a profit from a vending machine are so dependent on where you site it.

Where do potential customers naturally gather? Are there specific routes they choose to use on which you could site a machine?

Is there any nearby competition? Will it be seen?

Simply placing it in a canteen might not be the best answer. People may already be buying their food and drinks elsewhere.

Look at the customer’s need and how your machine would answer it. For example, having protein shakes and bottled water machines in a gym would be an excellent fit. Having a coffee and hot drinks vending machine in a garage that doesn’t offer this service would also be potentially profitable.

Measure the area carefully and make your choice of the size of the machine based on what you have available.


What type of machine should I buy?

Do you want a vending machine which has a range of cold bottled drinks and snacks, a can vending machine, or hot drinks vending machine?

If your machine is for a workplace, why not ask staff what they would like and how they see themselves using a machine?

If it’s for a public area, research the demand in the area.


What’s the cost?

When it comes to purchasing a vending machine, you get what you pay for.

The most modern machines with touch screens will cost more, but they take card payments and offer an easy user experience – in an increasingly cashless society where there is a large amount of choice, this is important.

If you’re on a budget, consider a used machine which will cost a lot less and still give you a good profit.


How can I keep it stocked and maintain it?

Low stock machines don’t attract people to use them, so you will need to replenish it with stock frequently.

Keeping your machine clean will attract people to buy from it and it will help keep it running smoothly.

New machines have a warranty of up to two years, for used machines this usually a few months. So, inspect them regularly to keep your profits coming in.


How easy is it to use?

Whatever you buy, make it quick and easy to use. People don’t want to be waiting for minutes on end and queuing up to use it, or spending time trying to work out how to use it. They won’t come back.

Make sure it is safely installed and safe to use, especially if it will be around young children, and remember that you are accountable as the owner if an accident happens.


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