Choose from a range of snack, combi or hot drinks.

The only professional tower vending supplier in South Wales

A full range of coffee shop style drinks to choose from

Why choose a Vendrite vending machine?

  • We guarantee to pay you the agreed commission through our unique open book audit system
  • We guarantee our rates of commission are amongst the highest in the industry
  • We offer healthy options, traditional snacks, drinks and confectionary
  • If you choose to support a charity or are using our services to raise funds for you team, club, or organisation we will produce quarterly updates of monies raised and promote this on your site and through our social media thus highlighting the work you are doing
  • Because we are an independent company we are not tied to any particular product ranges and therefore can offer much wider ranges of products than many competitors.
  • Our unique service level agreement guarantees to maximise your revenue by responding quickly to any breakdowns, and keeping the machines serviced to the highest possible levels. And in the unlikely event we fail to do so,  we’ll pay you a fine!

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£ 22,475  shared with our clients so far in 2017.

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