Giving your workers a caffeine boost is one of the best ways to help productivity and make them feel at home, so getting an industrial coffee machine for your premises is an excellent decision.

Science backs up that idea. Research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2010 showed that staff who take coffee breaks together showed an improvement in their overall productivity and we know that teams love to bond over a coffee.

So the question shouldn’t be whether to install an industrial coffee machine, it should be WHICH machine to choose for your workplace.

If that’s a business serving coffee to the public, such as restaurant or coffee shop, you’ll also need to weigh up issues of coffee quality, staffing, and convenience.

Don’t be daunted by the choice out there.

Here are four key questions you’ll need to ask to make the right decision for you.

  1. Do we need an automatic or manual machine?

If you have high demand for coffee in your business, you may wish to choose an industrial coffee machine which dispenses automatically. That cuts down on the waiting times and ensures there aren’t long queues at busy times of the day.

A manual machine will mean hiring a trained barista or training up one of your staff. This may be a good option for businesses which have high profile clients who expect an excellent level of service.

  1. How much coffee will we need it to produce?

The size of your staff is important here. You’ll need to work out how many cups they are likely to want, especially at busy times such as mid-morning, lunchtime, and mid-afternoon, and whether the machines you’re looking at can cope with that kind of volume.

The larger the workplace, the larger the capacity your machine will need to offer. Get an estimate of the number of cups the machines can dispense in an hour before you hire it or lease it.

  1. What sort of machine would be the best for our business?

There are four different types of industrial coffee machine, bean-to-cup, combination bean-to-cup, espresso machines, and coffee vending machines.

Bean-to-cup machines produce high-quality fresh coffee and have an in-built grinder for the beans and a steamer to froth milk for flat whites, lattes, and cappuccinos. You can use beans or ground coffee and coffee is dispensed in less than a minute when you press a button.

No training is needed but they are more expensive than other machines. They are perfect for hotels, offices, restaurants, pubs, and cafes.

Combination bean-to-cup machines give you freshly-ground coffee alongside instant coffee and hot chocolate. They are an excellent choice for workplaces where they will be self-service such as training centres and conference rooms.

Espresso machines are operated by skilled baristas and can produce the best quality coffee. They are mainly designed for coffee shops and restaurants.

Coffee vending machines are easy to use and offer quick service. They have a variety of instant drinks, from tea and coffee to hot chocolate. Push the button for a speedy drink. These machines are good for factories, large offices, events, and public buildings.

  1. How big will the machine be?

Coffee vending machines are, generally, the largest of the industrial coffee machines. It’s worth measuring your workplace to ensure you have enough space to fit one and ensure staff can access it to clean it and replenish its stock before you lease it.

Need advice on selecting your industrial coffee machine?

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